Co-designing a future for generations to come


Sammontana has proudly become a founding partner of ICO HUB, a start-up incubator initiated by C.L.E.O. (Condivisione Lean Ecosistema Open innovation), an association dedicated to supporting and innovating the Empolese Valdelsa Territory, the birthplace of Sammontana.


The incubator provides education and professional training to young managers who, like Sammontana and the association, are committed to stimulating social, economic, and cultural development in the region, creating employment opportunities in various industrial sectors. It promotes open innovation and collaboration among companies, talents, and experts. This shared vision will undoubtedly create numerous opportunities for the younger generation as they shape their own future.


Sammontana's support will enable young start-up entrepreneurs to develop innovative projects tailored to the region, with a strong emphasis on sustainability.