Quality and Safety at the Heart of Sammontana Italia

Ensuring quality and safety, driving innovation, and providing excellent customer service are at the core of Sammontana Italia. We believe that quality must be comprehensive, encompassing a sustainable development that involves the entire Sammontana Italia and its supply chain, upstream and downstream. In 2023, we introduced a Code of Conduct to involve our suppliers in building a responsible procurement cycle, considering social, environmental, and economic aspects. However, our priority has always been to ensure the quality and safety of our products, as the highest form of respect for our consumers.


Our Quality team works tirelessly, conducting thorough analyses on raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished goods, alongside in-line checks and monitoring all hygienic and sanitary aspects of our systems. In addition to these analyses, we also perform visual, sensory, and qualitative tests on every production batch. This activity sets us apart and is crucial to always deliver the best taste and texture for our gelato and pastry.


  • Since 1997, Sammontana Italia has aligned its quality system with the requirements of the main international standards for hygiene, system, and organisation.


  • All our facilities are certified to the highest levels of IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety).


  • At the pastry production sites, we only use sustainably certified flour according to the ISCCPLUS standard. It's a Mass Balance certification, ensuring that for every ton of wheat flour used in our production, an equal amount is grown according to the standard's requirements.


  • All palm oil used in our pastries is RSPO MB certified, the international reference standard that guarantees palm oil from environmentally and socially sustainable plantations.


  • We use sustainably certified RA (Rainforest Alliance) cocoa in selected products under our own brand and private labels. The Rainforest Alliance certification ensures the sustainability of social conditions and workers' lives, agriculture, and the environment in cocoa-growing countries.


  • The iconic Sammontana Barattolino packaging is made of FSC-certified paper from responsibly managed forests.


  • Since 2022, all Sorbettiere Sammontana containers are ISCCPLUS certified for sustainability aspects related to the plastic used.


  • Staying true to our Mission and to offer everyone their own pleasurable experience, we have several gluten-free gelato and pastry Sammontana references certified by the Italian Celiac Association (AIC). Moreover, products without animal fats are certified VeganOK.

Our Commitment to Animal Welfare


Currently, we guarantee that 100% of egg products present in:

  • Gelato recipes made at all our facilities
  • Frozen baked goods under Tre Marie, Il Pasticcere, and Mongelo brands
  • Products under the Bonchef brand

are sourced from cage-free hens.


Furthermore, 50% of the suppliers from whom we purchase egg products for our productions have confirmed that all delivered quantities come from "No Combi" farming systems, following CIWF and other organisations' requirements. Our goal is to eliminate egg products that come from combined systems from our product ingredients list by 2025.