We do business under the leading light of our Purpose, staying faithful to our roots

il sorriso che nutre il futuro delle nuove generazioni


Are the fruit of the courage, determination and passion of 3 young brothers from Tuscany

who followed their dream, changing their own lives and shaping a new, better future for themselves and for the generations to come.

That's why 

we're committed to supporting the aspirations of young people,

enabling them to give form to their ambitions and access a brilliant future by envisioning and building a brighter tomorrow


have built our narrative by discussing our visions

across different generations, for a constant interplay of imagination and wisdom, inspiration and experience, the pursuit for innovation, and a shared respect for tradition.

That's why 

we want to safeguard our pact between generations,

upholding it as the sole viable model for a transforming and evolving world.


Recognise our responsibility to take action in the face of the critical urgencies of our time

especially those linked to climate change and the environment.

That's why 

we are committed to responding to the call for change that comes from the younger generations in particular,

so we can leave them a planet that still has a smile to give.


firmly believe that contributing to the well-being of our Communities,

for a fairer and more equitable future, encompassing the ability to generate and cultivate new ideas, appreciating budding potential whilst holding respect for the significance of experience

That's why 

we have chosen to stand side-by-side with the new generations,

ensuring that the voices of a possible future will never find themselves marginalized from the places where tomorrow's opportunities are created for all.