Authentic Italian gelato

For almost eighty years, the unique taste of our “gelato with a smile” has been the epitome of passion and pride for our Italian family-owned company. We have deep roots, yet we tirelessly strive every day for the taste of tomorrow and a future that is fairer for all.

gelati all'italiana

SAMMONTANA: the authentic joy of real Italian Gelato.

Sammontana has carved its name in the history of Italian ice cream. It's a tale of entrepreneurial courage and unwavering commitment to quality, from meticulously selecting the finest ingredients to ensuring optimal product distribution and storage. Our story is interwoven with significant investments in innovation and cutting-edge production technologies, as well as a keen understanding of changing tastes and nutritional needs.

Every packaged item is crafted with utmost care and an unwavering attention to detail, embodying the safety and upholding the stringent quality standards synonymous with a distinguished brand that, from its origins to the present day, continues to revolutionize the market, captivating the hearts of millions of families.


Being the first Italian gelato company capable of competing with multinational giants means breaking boundaries, reinventing the classic gelato, and being at the forefront of evolving tastes, changing dietary trends, and consumption habits. The Sammontana brand boasts a history of market successes and innovations, from Barattolino Sammontana to Stecco Ducale, from Coppa Oro to the Cinque Stelle cone range.


Recent history has been marked by new developments for lighter and more natural consumption, such as Fruttiamo, a 100% plant-based product made with plenty of fruit, and Amando, the delicious gelato made without milk or gluten, instead prepared with Sicilian almond milk. There have also been great successes like Gruvi, the game-changing gelato on a stick: every bite is a revelation.

For Sammontana, innovation now means committing to simpler recipes that are always satisfying and full of flavour, using traceable and certified raw materials, and pursuing a path towards environmental sustainability by reducing the impact of their products year after year.

In fact, Sammontana's sustainable journey started with gelato. In 2016, we became the first company in their sector to voluntarily sign an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment to offset the environmental footprint of Barattolino Sammontana.


From gelato and from Barattolino, the first Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) were conducted to measure the greenhouse gas emissions of Sammontana products. These studies have now become the standard for the company, with significant achievements already reached and the corporate objective of reducing net emissions by 55% by 2027 through recipe and packaging modifications.


Gelato has also been the starting point for projects and subsequent applications to minimize the environmental impact of packaging in a circular perspective. Today, the Barattolino pack is made of certified FSC paper, while the bio-circular plastic used in the Sorbettiera line is certified ISCC Plus.


Amando, our dairy and gluten-free product,  was designed according to eco-design principles, guiding the entire innovation journey of the company.

Sammontana Loose ice-cream:

Gelato made our way, since the beginning.

We carefully select high quality raw materials and ensure meticulous controls throughout the entire supply chain. Our mixes undergo a slow maturation process, and we skillfully balance the ingredients to create refined and creamy recipes. The result is a distinctly creamy gelato with a rich and natural flavour that maintains its volume over time

We offer a wide range of three-dimensional shapes, with exquisite "domes" that capture the eyes and spark the imagination with the promise of delightful flavours. Our gelato also features irresistible layers topped with delicious and innovative toppings, thanks to the cutting-edge technologies developed by Sammontana.

This is gelato crafted the way we have always done it, starting out as expert artisans in a small gelateria in the province and growing into a leading player in the industrial loose gelato market. Today, we hold a significant share of over one-third in the Italian gelato market.

The art behind our gelato serves professionals. With our team of qualified experts, Sammontana assists gelato professionals in every aspect related to the product and the point of sale. We provide guidance on optimal cold chain management, product treatment and presentation, showcase maintenance, and even offer turnkey solutions for opening a gelateria under their own brand. Sammontana Italia is the perfect partner to meet the diverse needs of gelato professionals.

 Sammontana for Private Label:

A Growing and Renewed Partnership.

With its unique expertise in the world of gelato, Sammontana now works alongside major national and international retail chains to develop private label products.

We provide our partners with our knowledge in innovation, research, and recipe development, advanced production technologies, a direct logistics network from the factory to the customer's platform, and the assurance and safety of a company that ensures the highest level of quality and supply chain control.

Our high-quality products meet the demands of an increasingly dynamic market.

Sammontana's collaboration with leading retail chains, both in Italy and abroad, is a long-standing story of ethical and commercial responsibility, mutual understanding, and trust, often spanning over two decades or more.

It is a partnership that evolves with changing consumer purchasing habits, as more and more consumers opt for private label products, including premium ranges or products with special functional characteristics and dietary requirements.

Our Research & Development team designs and develops dozens of exclusive products and recipes each year, produced in our IFS and BRC-certified facilities in Empoli and Verona.