As a food Company operating on the ‘flavour market’ Sammontana Italia has always been aware of its corporate responsibilities and the strength of its brands in influencing the choices of consumers, who have placed their trust in Sammontana brands for nearly eighty years. 


This is why it is committed not only to creating high quality food products designed to offer everyone a pleasurable experience, but also to encourage people, through communication, to make increasingly informed and conscious choices.


This Code is inspired by the ethical values and principles of behaviour defined in Sammontana's Ethical Code, in particular the commitment to always provide complete and transparent information that is easy to understand and accurate, respectful of people's dignity and child protection.


Sammontana Italia's 7 commitments

  • We are committed to ensuring that all communication material, whether written, audio, or visual, consistently describe product characteristics in terms of taste, size, and nutritional information;
  • We are committed to creating communication that is in no way misleading to consumers and we shall not represent food products which are not meal replacements as such;
  • We pledge to reject messages that are vulgar, contradictory, uncertain or ambiguous, as well as discriminatory;
  • We pledge to back up all nutritional information of marketed products with scientific data;
  • We pledge to present products in their true size and in an appropriate context, never encouraging excessive consumption of the product;
  • We pledge not to undermine the concept of a healthy and balanced diet or the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • We pledge not to attribute statistical validity to tests conducted with consumers on their preferences unless supported by scientific evidence;


Responsible communication towards children

Regarding its product lines dedicated to children, Sammontana is committed to:

  • Recognize the fundamental role of parents, or other caregivers, in guiding their children's food and lifestyle choices;
  • Use responsible marketing techniques, not creating a sense of urgency in the child's purchase;
  • Representing foods fairly, accurately indicating the nutritional content of products and their benefits;
  • Use testimonials or fictional characters and cartoons responsibly.


Finally, Sammontana Italia is committed to taking a responsible approach to schools and the places where children live their social lives.


Regulations and codes of conduct to which Sammontana Italia refers:

  • ICC Code (Advertising and Marketing Communications Code 2018).
  • Consumer Code (Law Decree n. 206 of Sept. 6th, 2005 - Law Decree n. 145 of August 2nd,  2007)
  • The protection of minors in the world of communication (Guarantor Authority for Children and Adolescents, December 21, 2017)
  • Regulations for Commercial Communication related to food and beverages, to protect children and their proper nutrition (Institute for Advertising Governance with the contribution of the UPA working group, February 9, 2021)
  • Digital Chart Regulations of IAP (Institute for Advertising Governance)