Our idea on breakfast

We warm up the morning with the aromas of the oven, offering sweet and savoury recipes that delight the palate with their careful attention to ingredients, ensuring uncompromising quality.

la colazione secondo noi

Sammontana Italia gives you the chance to shape your day through the many breakfast products from Tre Marie, Il Pasticcere, and Mongelo.

From the iconic Rodrigo by Tre Marie to the gluten-free muffin from Il Pasticcere, from a savoury croissant to the tiny delights Midi, Mignon, and Baby… Sammontana is the best companion for every start of the day, whether it’s at the café, at home, or even in a hotel. We offer indulgent and diverse recipes for sweet and savoury breakfasts, also with gluten-free, vegan, or enriched with fiber and calcium options, ensuring unbeatable taste experiences tailored to every morning.

When it comes to breakfast, Sammontana's pursuit of innovation is guided by the goal of always striving for the best in terms of ingredient selection from sustainable supply chains and reducing environmental impact, with a reduction in packaging weight and the adoption of recyclable materials. 

In terms of environmental sustainability, the frozen pastry brands Tre Maria, Il Pasticcere and Mongelo have saved 3.4 tonnes of plastic (1) for all produced references throughout 2022 by reducing the plastic content in the packaging primarily intended for the HoReCa channel. This saving has helped avoid emissions equivalent to 12.4 tonnes of CO2eq (2) when considering the entire life cycle, which corresponds to the CO2 absorbed by 1,650 equivalent trees in one year. (2)

All wheat flour used in Sammontana's breakfast products is ISCC PLUS certified; the eggs used come from free-range hens, and the palm oil is RSPO MB certified.

Tre Marie:

Sweet and fine Moments at Home or at the Café

Tre Marie's story is a century-old tale that originated in Milan but has influenced confectionery traditions and customs throughout the country. In 2008, it joined forces with Sammontana, adding to their history of passion and care.

Since the 1970s, Tre Marie products have been enjoyed in cafés, thanks to the introduction of frozen croissants. Throughout the years, it has embraced its confectionery expertise, becoming a brand with a strong and recognisable personality. Its recent restyling in 2023 has refreshed and modernised its distinctive brand features.

For Tre Marie, innovation means constantly improving their products. They strive to reduce their ingredient lists, select more sustainable supply chains, and cater to various nutritional and taste preferences. Their offerings include fibre-rich or calcium-enriched options, as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free choices.

Today, Tre Marie not only offers the widest range of sweet breakfast products in cafés but also introduces a variety of new savoury recipes. These creations feature different grain doughs and fillings made with the simplicity of the finest ingredients, providing an unparalleled taste and texture experience.

Tre Marie's products for home consumption have adopted new single-material packaging that uses 15% less plastic compared to the previous pack, presenting a better recyclability profile.


Tre Marie cultivates their culinary know-how, their care for the good things in life, and simple yet exceptional ingredients, like the sweet and fine moments that make every day worth waking up to. These characteristics have made Tre Marie the market leader in terms of brand awareness, volumes, and in the number of cafés served. There are seeing constant growth in breakfasts at home with their frozen croissants, as well as in the hotel channel, with products specifically designed for their case.

[1] Data is derived from an LCA study conducted on primary packaging (neutral roll) in compliance with UNI EN ISO series 14040 standards.

[2] Elaboration based on the "Life Cycle Communication tool" from the Effige Project (lifeeffige.eu/strumenti/), which states that, on average, one tree absorbs 7.5 kg of CO2 per year.

Il Pasticcere

Production with a heart

The story of Il Pasticcere began 30 years ago in a small pastry workshop in Vinci, a town in the heart of Tuscany.

It was there that the production began, using with sourdough and left to rest for 48 hours. Sourdough is a unique ingredient with characteristics that give rise to simple and authentically flavoured breakfast products, both sweet and savoury


Il Pasticcere is also an exemplary brand when it comes to sustainability, contributing to the Sammontana’s commitment. 

Il Pasticcere offers the widest range of products with sourdough in the market, serving cafés with the finest frozen pastry products. It is now also available in the hotel channel, offering classic breakfast items in a reduced size.

[1] I dati provengono da studio LCA condotto sul packaging primario (bobina neutra) in conformità ai requisiti delle norme UNI EN ISO della serie 14040.

[2] Elaborazione su “Life Cycle Communication tool” Progetto Effige (lifeeffige.eu/strumenti/) secondo cui un albero assorbe in media 7.5 kg di CO2 all’anno.

The Ancient Wisdom of Patisserie by Mongelo

Mongelo comes from the encounter between the art of patisserie and the high quality of Sammontana ingredients, guaranteed by careful selection and rigorous checks.

It offers a wide range of frozen products, featuring various shapes and fillings, such as Krapfen in three different flavours or the traditional Pasticciotto from the Salento region. It’s ideal for indulgent breakfasts, but you can also find miniature formats designed for the hotel industry, including mini croissants, puff pastries, and leavened pastries that result in a fragrant product that feels freshly baked.


The assortment also caters to a rise in requests for typical regional products, embracing the variety found in the Italian culinary tradition.


Mongelo also plays its part year after year in Sammontana Italia's environmental and social commitments.