A quality break

Snacks made with warm yeast and flour, as if freshly baked. Breaks with vibrant colours from the garden. Indulgent breaks... Whether you’re taking your time or on-the-go, Sammontana's quality uses the cold to perfectly preserve our products, bringing warmth and joy to any moment of the day.

pause di qualità

It's always a good time for Bonchef.

The guiding force behind every quality break and the Sammontana Italia lunch is Bonchef. Fragrant bread, delicious focaccias and pizzas, exquisite pasta dishes, high-quality meat options, and soft bread variations or 100% plant-based choices for those who are looking for a healthy and light meal.

Thanks to the power of cold, these products encapsulate the flavours of the day’s various breaks, from mid-morning snacks to lunches on the go, from energising afternoon pick-me-ups to the social experience of an evening aperitivo.

These recipes are excellent and diverse, made with the finest ingredients from certified suppliers.

Bonchef suppliers are GFSI-certified (Global Food Safety Initiative) and adhere to the rigorous standards set by Sammontana.


Moreover, the extensive range of Bonchef products comes with excellent service, providing the assurance of Sammontana's quality and even assistance for perfect cooking and impeccable preparation.