Passion, Curiosity, and Wonder

Every day at Sammontana Italia, a team of 18 professionals works passionately to design the products of the future, striving for sustainability and driven by a strong shared belief:

"passion for the product, curiosity, and wonder are the sparks for igniting knowledge and innovation."


This work stems from the company's commitment to self-reflection and challenging limits, aiming to create a product that offers maximum satisfaction and flavour while meeting increasingly ambitious environmental and social goals. This is achieved through the rigorous selection of raw materials and suppliers, modifications to recipes, and improvements in packaging.

Designing the Product of Tomorrow

il prodotto di domani - laboratori e impianti

Our constant work in our laboratories and pilot plants allows us to evaluate recipes, nutritional profiles, and the potential and feasibility of projects on an industrial scale. We conduct many studies on packaging to find functional solutions that preserve quality and taste while minimising environmental impact.

An important phase of our process involves observing how the product behaves over time, assessing any changes in its organoleptic characteristics, and making recipe or process adjustments to refine its development.

For several years, rigorous guidelines to support gelato and frozen pastry development address our research and design efforts, aiming at:


  • Simplifying formulations by removing or reducing ingredients that are not essential to defining the taste or structure of the product (clean labels).
  • Reducing packaging weight and choosing recyclable or more eco-friendly materials, aiming for increasingly sustainable and green packaging.
  • Combatting food waste.


Sammontana Italia has recently implemented its own eco-design model, focusing on reducing environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle of each product. 

A virtuous  example of this approach is the carbon footprint quantification through the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study of the Barattolino line, which led to a reduction in carbon emissions associated with its production, mainly due to the transition to paper-based packaging.

Another application of eco-design is Amando, an environmentally-friendly product in terms of CO2 equivalent avoided. During the design phase, the decision to replace cow's milk with Sicilian almond milk in the recipe allowed to maintain its indulgent characteristics and nutritional properties while achieving a lower environmental impact. This result was further enhanced by using Sicilian almonds, which have a better water footprint.

Barattolino 2019-2022: -17.89% CO2*

Amando 2022: 913 fewer tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of the CO2 absorbed by approximately 120,000 trees in one year!

*Indicator based on the functional unit of kg CO2 eq/kg

Keep up with Changing Tastes

Evolving lifestyles, new taste trends, emerging markets and distribution channels, and special recipes for those with diverse dietary needs have required significant resources from Sammontana.


This commitment has led us to develop products suitable for gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, vegetarian, and vegan diets, as well as sugar-free options and products for those seeking lighter food choices.