A thriving food industry in Italy and worldwide, powered by the strength of its Smile.

"Our journey started with gelato at a local café. Today, after nearly 80 years, we have become the leading Italian company in the packaged gelato sector and a market leader in frozen pastry, all while retaining the same passion that drove us in our humble beginnings.”

We are a thriving company with wholly Italian capital, achieving nearly €500 million in revenue and employing over 1,000 talented individuals. Our headquarters are situated in Empoli, with three production sites strategically located throughout Italy, complemented by an advanced logistics hub in Montelupo, near Florence.


Under our umbrella, we proudly produce and market renowned brands such as Sammontana Gelati All’Italiana, TreMarie, Il Pasticcere, Mongelo, and Bonchef. Each brand offers products with a distinct and exceptional taste, crafted with intuition, care, and unwavering dedication to quality.


Throughout our journey, we have evolved alongside our valued customers. We have played a vital role in shaping the traditional cafés channel and continue to support it by embracing new service concepts, proudly serving as the exclusive providers of frozen products.


As trusted and capable partners for modern distribution, we collaborate closely, delivering our own branded products as well as private label offerings that meet their unique requirements.

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A responsible company building a better future with every day commitment

We have always aimed to “Do it, and do it better and better” driven by our passion for the greatest of technologies: the love for our work.

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Today, we are a

Benefit Company

As of 2023, we are proud to have become a Benefit Company. We have transformed our Statute to fully embrace and enhance the essence of Sammontana with a responsible, ethical, and transparent business model.

But what does it mean to be a Benefit Company?

It means committing ourselves to make a positive impact on society and the planet.


This innovative legal form was introduced in Italy in January 2016, the first country in Europe to adopt it. Now, Benefit Companies can be found worldwide.


Being a Benefit Company requires us to include, in our Statute, not only our business objectives but also the goals of our common good. Our aim is to create value for the community, individuals, the environment, and the territories in a responsible, sustainable, and transparent manner.


As part of our commitment, we prepare an annual Impact Report, which outlines our progress towards the specific objectives outlined in our Statute. This report details the actions we have taken, as well as our plans and commitments for the future.

What it means for us

Why did we choose to become a benefit company?


Because we believe our role as a company should be not only economic but also social.

We create high-quality recipes, carefully crafted to offer everyone a delightful experience, but our commitment goes beyond this.

We strive to nurture smiles in our communities and ignite the future of the younger generations.

That’s what we’re made of. Heart and mind. History and future plans. Tradition and development. Daily work. This is how we want to continue to do business every day.


Leonardo Bagnoli - CEO