The Sammontana journey begins.


Romeo Bagnoli, a father of six, acquires the Sammontana dairy on Via del Giglio in Empoli to provide for his large family.

The dairy is named after the farm where the milk is sourced.


Sammontana gelato is born.


Renzo, Romeo's eldest son, decides to transform the dairy into a Café that also sells gelato.

He gradually hones his skills in gelato-making until he becomes a true master of flavours.

And so, the production of Sammontana gelato begins.



From a simple gelato bar to an artisanal workshop.


The gelato starts gaining popularity locally.

Renzo and his brother Sergio start selling outside Empoli and come up with a 6-liter tin can to transport their gelato.

They also introduce the production of single-serve gelato portions.


The "Gelati All’Italiana” (Ice Cream the Italian way) slogan was invented.


Renzo chooses a slogan that captures the essence of simplicity and immediate delight:

"Gelati All'Italiana," to distinguish his gelato from the ice cream brought to Italy by American soldiers during and after World War II.


Sammontana introduces Barattolino to the market.


The legendary Barattolino is born, still an iconic product of Sammontana today.

It is a traditional churned gelato, pre-packaged in the perfect quantity for family consumption. “Barattolino” translates as “little tub/pot”. 



From artisanal workshop to thriving business.


Demand continues to grow, extending beyond the borders of Tuscany.

These are the years of great entrepreneurial leaps. Renzo, with his brothers Sergio and Loriano, inaugurates the production plant in Empoli, which remains the company's headquarters to this day.



The "slurping" cone.


Milton Glaser, renowned for creating iconic images known worldwide, such as "I LOVE NY," designs Sammontana's new logo: the cone that makes you slurp. It is still the emblem of the company.


The birth of Il Pasticcere. The breakfast ritual at the café begins.


With the acquisition of a frozen bakery laboratory, the adventure of Il Pasticcere begins. Their leavening process is based on sourdough.

This new beginning is marked by innovation: the croissant is already leavened, ready to be baked directly at the café and be sold for breakfast.



Acquisition of GranMilano.


The acquisition of GranMilano (and its brands Sanson, Tre Marie, and Mongelo) propels Sammontana into the top 100 Italian agri-food companies and positions it at the forefront of the Italian ice cream sector, alongside major multinational specializing in frozen products. 


Tre Marie leads the growth of frozen pastry.


Under new ownership, Tre Marie experiences a renewed boost as a leading brand in frozen pastry, allowing Sammontana to establish its leadership with the first and second brands in the market: Tre Marie and Il Pasticcere.



Sammontana becomes a leader in out-of-home frozen products.


To focus on its core business and pursue strategic objectives, Sammontana divests the Tre Marie festivities business, reaffirming its leadership in the out-of-home frozen market. This marks a new path for the company, consolidating its leadership in the cold chain.


Agreement with the Italian Ministry of the Environment: a turning point in environmental awareness.


Sammontana solidifies its commitment to environmental sustainability by signing a voluntary agreement with the Ministry of the Environment, the first Italian gelato company to do so, measuring and offsetting the carbon footprint of Barattolinorange. 


Introducing Amando: good for people and the environment.


Amando is the first Sammontana product designed according to the principles of Eco-design, so sustainability is at its core. It becomes the guiding model for all new Sammontana Italia products.



Standing together in the dark times of COVID.


During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, when people were confined to their homes, far away from their loved ones, Sammontana sends a message of resilience and solidarity through the campaign "Just a spoonful away.” The campaign is awarded as the best Purpose-Driven Campaign by UNA.Com.


Family Business. Italy. World.


The drive for global expansion grows, but Sammontana keeps respecting its Italian roots.

The same passion, pride, and determination drives the Bagnoli family to continue producing the finest Italian quality and flavour. Products from their factories are now being sold worldwide.


Commitment to decarbonisation.


As part of its journey towards environmental sustainability, Sammontana strengthens its commitment to a better future by pledging to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030.


2023: We are a Benefit Company.


As a Benefit Company, Sammontana aims to operate profitably while pursuing the benefit of society and acting responsibly, sustainably, and transparently towards people, the environment, and stakeholders.