Community projects


Sammontana Italia for Sustainable Beaches

Sammontana was born as a Gelato Company, and summer at the seaside is the prime time for people to enjoy its products. During summer, breakfast becomes a more leisurely moment, where you start the day with a smile alongside family and friends. One of the places where these moments come to life is at the beach bars along the 7000km of Italian coastlines.


With the aim of protecting the beaches while educating people about sustainable and conscious consumption, the "Lidi Green" project was born in 2018.

The idea of "Lidi Green" was born in collaboration with the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa and Spinlife, a spin-off of the University of Padua. Each Lido Partner is selected based on specific sustainability criteria through a detailed questionnaire, and they then have the opportunity to reinforce their commitment to the environment by purchasing gelato with fully compensated carbon emissions and using innovative equipment, including energy-efficient refrigerators provided by Sammontana. Moreover, partners sensitise their customers to responsible consumption even during leisure time through informational material.

This initiative allows people to enjoy Sammontana Italia's quality products, knowing they are rewarding the company's commitment to the environment and that of its partners.

To date, the project has involved over 200 Lidos throughout Italy, and the number is expected to grow along with the project's expansion into the social sphere.

Teaming up with Legambiente for Cleaner Beaches and Glacier Conservation

Since 2017, Sammontana has been alongside Legambiente to raise awareness about the greater protection of Italian beaches, forests, and glaciers.

The campaign "Sammontana cleans the beach near your home” (“Sammontana pulisce la spiaggia vicino a casa tua”) launched in the first year of the collaboration, and engaged Sammontana users in a Facebook contest to vote on 20 free beaches to clean, in addition to the 250 beaches already planned by the environmental association. In that year, users expressed over 88,000 preferences, and thousands of Italians supported the initiative by gathering on the involved coasts to clean up. This project has now become an annual event, where volunteers, armed with their love for the planet, contribute to freeing some of Italy's most beautiful beaches from plastic and waste.

In 2019, the collaboration with Legambiente grew, and the commitment expanded with the project  "The Glaciers Caravan", initiated thanks to the scientific partnership of the Italian Glaciological Committee, which reveals the health status of glaciers and their impacts from climate change.

The campaign involves a journey through the Alps, during which a team of experts monitors and delves into the phenomena that influence glacier conditions. The Association organises excursions, conferences, art, and music to raise awareness among people and gain a better understanding of the importance of mountains and glaciers for the well-being of our country and climate improvement. 

Designing a Better Future for the New Generations: ICO HUB

Since 2022, Sammontana has been a founding member of ICO HUB, a start-up incubator born from C.L.E.O. (Lean Ecosystem Open Innovation Sharing), an association aimed at supporting and innovating the Empolese Valdelsa Territory, where Sammontana Italia's main headquarters are located.

The project therefore fully aligns with Sammontana Italia's Purpose of supporting the younger generations, promoting their growth and innovation through new entrepreneurial ideas. Sammontana's support will enable young start-uppers to develop innovative projects with a sustainable focus.

The incubator also provides education and professional training for young managers who, alongside Sammontana and the Association, share the commitment to stimulate social, economic, and cultural development in Tuscany, creating new employment opportunities in the industrial sectors and fostering open innovation and collaboration among companies and experts. This shared intention is sure to generate opportunities for the new generations committed to building their future.   

Sammontana Italia and Tuscany

Sammontana Italia has its roots in Tuscany, and that's why it feels the need to devote attention and commitment to preserve and support this marvellous region by giving back through its social engagement.

Among Sammontana Italia's long-standing support projects, there is one towards the Meyer Pediatric Hospital Foundation in Florence. For over 10 years, Sammontana Italia has been at the forefront of important projects related to scientific research and the care of sick children and their families. 

Additionally, Sammontana Italia has actively supported the ANT Foundation (Associazione Nazionale Tumori, an Italian cancer support charity) for the past two years. One of the projects embraced by Sammontana Italia and Ant is "A Night for ANT", sponsored by the Municipality of Florence, to raise funds to support the "Bimbi in ANT" service. This service provides specialised medical assistance for young cancer patients at home, allowing them to receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes.


Sammontana Italia also supports the Municipality of Empoli, the city where the company's main headquarters are located, through various activities. For example, during Christmas in Empoli, a carousel is set up every year in the city center.


Moreover, Sammontana is engaged in various projects, mostly under the Gelati Sammontana brand, supporting sports, music, and cultural initiatives, as these are areas that have always been aligned with the company's values.